Friday, March 11, 2011

Tip of the Day No. 1

TIP: Wash the cheese grater as soon as you're done using it. 
Unless, of course, you LIKE chiseling dried cheese out from between sharp little holes. The same goes for wire whisks. Wet muffin batter rinses off like a dream. Dried muffin batter does not. This I know.

* This is the first in what I anticipate being a series of simple (perhaps random) tips on things I learn in daily life. Things that I should have known... but apparently didn't. Things that may be useful to you... or not. Hopefully lots of things you can relate to. Enjoy!


  1. Yes, I often suffer at the hands of the cheese grater, thought no matter what I do, I never seem to be able to get it all out before it goes in the diswasher. When I bake, I have water ready for soaking everything - learned that the hard way.

    Lisa x

  2. Hi, I've come over from CLH to visit. Love your style, especially the floor to ceiling drapes and the chippy white dresser! I'll be visiting your etsy store as soon as time allows.

  3. Good lesson learned, Ellie! I'm usually learning things the hard way, so I'm happy to learn this one from your experience! I've learned (finally!) the important of at least soaking things right away--makes life SO much easier, doesn't it?!

    Hope your weekend is wonderful!


  4. Love this idea! Tip of the day: at random.
    So here is my random feed back~
    You can like a whisk; but don't like a cheese grater...!
    And of course follow-up with a hot rinse!
    love your blog.
    ~~having lots of tips of my own, Pat


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