Friday, March 18, 2011

Garden Details

Shelves, tables, and centerpieces throughout my home are sprouting a garden-fresh theme!

Potted topiaries, garden tools, and pots dress up my antique white ironstone collection...

A HUGE spool of twine...

And vintage metal flower frogs galore!

A weathered wood garden tray full of urns, potted candles, and a glass cloche serves as a centerpiece on the dining room table...

Wire nests, eggs, and my favorite scalloped edge pots...

An antique bowl filled with vintage terra cotta garden pots, twine, and moss on the coffee table...

And, of course, what's a garden without a rabbit?


  1. I love all the displays! So pretty!

    By the way, I just wanted you to know that I passed an award on to your blog! I think it is absolutely lovely!

  2. Oh gosh - it's so lovely here!

  3. your blog is a lovely find through the gorgeous jaimie from *At Home*...
    adore your pickies...

    melissa x

  4. I really like your tray filled with urns and pots. I created a similar look back in the fall.
    The natural look of all your displays is very nice and homey.
    :-) Sue

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