Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Horray for Toothpicks

The humble toothpick takes a place of pride in my china cabinet, thanks to this old miniature silver-plated trophy cup, found at a flea market.

See it there, on the second shelf?

I like the contrast that a dark touch of pewter or tranished silver brings to an all-white collection. And I love having toothpicks at the ready :) Horray for toothpicks!


  1. I think your tooth pick holder is just wonderful. Love the patina and the contrast of the tooth picks ;-)

  2. Love it Ellie! I have been looking for a holder myself. This is so much nicer than the ol toothpick box!

  3. Hello! Can you come decorate my house, Ellie? =)

  4. That toothpick holder is too stinkin cute. love your house!

  5. This is so nice toothpick holder.You can also use wooden toothpick holder.If you want just visit https://www.woodenconcepts.com/


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