Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pewter & Fall Foliage

Happy (almost) November! I have been the laziest blogger on the planet recently... If you've stuck around over the last 3 months, thank you! You deserve a medal. (I do not.) Apparently, blogging comes in spurts for me.
Overall, we've had a pretty low-key fall so far, punctuated by a brief moment of craziness... A huge tree branch fell on the roof of our house last month, which wouldn't have caused us too must angst (especially since we are renters), except for the fact that the branch landed squarely on the vent pipe on the roof. I have never really given much thought to what that little pipe that sticks out of the roof above the bathroom does, but I now know that if a tree lands on that little pipe, it will make your toilet tank explode. And crack the cast iron pipe that extends down into the basement. The broken pipe, in turn, will bust through the wall between your closet and the bathroom. And, until you have the presence of mind to turn off the water main, the broken toilet tank will flood your bathroom, drain down the laundry chute, and rain into your basement.  
In retrospect, it was really not quite as bad as it sounds... especially in light of the recent devestation caused on the east coast by Hurricane Sandy. But, it did lead to a couple weeks of mess and disorder while things were being repaired, which led to the house not really being "blog worthy" for a while. Luckily, things have long since returned to normal!
This morning, I went outside and foraged for some pretty fall foliage to display in my antique pewter pitcher. We don't have a lot to choose from in our yard (and I refrained from snipping the beautiful red berries off of our neighbors' crab apple tree), but it doesn't take much to add some festive fall color.
Happy Fall, everyone!
And I promise, it won't be another two months before I touch base again... well, probably not.
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