Saturday, June 22, 2013

Antique Ironstone Collection



A huge thank you for all of the kind comments, emails, and encouraging questions about when, or if, I would ever start blogging again. Truth be told, I wasn't sure... I started this blog several years ago just after my husband and I moved to Nebraska, mostly so that I would have a way to show my mom and sister, who were almost 1000 miles away in Ohio, what our house looked like and what I was up to way out "west". Over the last two years though, I've been pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the fact that many of you have tagged along quite faithfully as well, from all corners of the world. Thank you.
But this winter a lovely thing happened... We moved back to Ohio.
And suddenly blogging took a break while we packed up, found a place to live, unpacked, settled in, and caught up on over two years of girls days out, nieces' and nephews' birthday parties, lazy back porch sitting at the in-laws, and Sunday lunches after church with my family. It has been a blessing.
But don't worry... I'll still touch base with you every now and then.
Let's just be honest, I've never been very good at blogging on a regular schedule. Putting together a beautiful, interesting, and coherent blog post often takes me hours, usually over the course of several days. I'm serious, sometimes even deciding on a caption for my Instagram pictures takes me several drafts and the characteristic undue agony of a perfectionist. (By the way, I've come to sort of love Instagram, and I post snapshots there fairly often... I'm "froggoestomarket" if you care to follow along!)
So, I hope you'll allow me to keep this blog going sporadically, and share bits and pieces of my home and antiquing adventures when I can, even though it won't be every week or even every month. I've added links at the top of the blog so you can easily find me on Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook as well. And while I may not have as much to say on the blog, going forward I'd like to do better at responding to your kind words and questions in the comments section when I do post, so please feel free to write!
Thanks again for hanging around :)

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