Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Bedroom Layout

The rearranging continues! Yesterday, I reoriented the bed so that it faces the doorway. I love walking into a bedroom and seeing the front of the bed rather than the side, but with a small off-center window on the far wall, I didn't think it could work for our room.
Here's the "before" view walking into the room - the side of the bed. I've wanted to turn the bed for a while, but especially without a headboard, positioning a bed partially in front of a window with full length curtains can be tricky.
But it works! Even though the window is off-center, the height of the mirror and dresser on the opposite side of the bed helps to balance the room.
And I love, love, love that all of the layers of linens on the bed take center stage in the room now. And even though summer is fast approaching, I can't bring myself to put away the down-filled comforter with linen duvet cover. It's just too pretty... so it stays on the bed all year long!
I can now also put my antique trencher bowl at the foot of the bed... something I've always wanted to do, but never before had the space to do it.
One side of the bed gets a traditional bedside table with a lamp.
On the other side of the bed, the antique white dresser stands in place of a table. It makes for one less piece of furniture than before, which in a small room makes a big difference in space.
An antique full-lenth mirror and topiary sit on a chippy white bench right inside the door.
And after sleeping on it for one night, I declare the new bedroom layout a success!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Living Room Layout

I don't know what you do when you're bored, but I rearrange furniture. A few weeks ago, on a lazy Sunday evening, I coerced my sweet husband into helping me rearrange the couches in the living room. (Which was better than this past weekend, when I coerced him into helping me unload the huge bookcases and move them across the room, only to decided I didn't like it, and have him move them back... Oops.) But this change worked out nicely.
 The couches used to face each other, but we moved the brown leather couch in front of the window instead, which really opened up the room. That couch also now faces the TV, which is an added bonus. I am not really in love with either of our couches... they are a mismatched pair, each one held over from our single days (mine was the white slipcovered, his was the brown leather). After almost 3 years of marriage, I'm looking forward to buying our first couch together someday soon. I've been gathering ideas here
With the new arrangement, my husband's computer table now "floats" in the room, rather than butting up to the back of the couch. I've since replaced his desk chair with the cane back french dining chair, instead of having it sit separately beside the desk - much more stylish and comfortable, and it leaves more room for walking.
The one piece that I didn't have room for with this new layout was my huge antique trencher bowl that sat underneath the big picture window. But no worries...
It found a new home in the bedroom. During the day, it holds a simple pair of red striped grain sack pillows (one antique, one from TJ Maxx).
 And at bedtime, it holds a whole lot more! All the pillows from the bed finally have a place to spend the night instead of on the floor :)

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