Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Bedroom Layout

The rearranging continues! Yesterday, I reoriented the bed so that it faces the doorway. I love walking into a bedroom and seeing the front of the bed rather than the side, but with a small off-center window on the far wall, I didn't think it could work for our room.
Here's the "before" view walking into the room - the side of the bed. I've wanted to turn the bed for a while, but especially without a headboard, positioning a bed partially in front of a window with full length curtains can be tricky.
But it works! Even though the window is off-center, the height of the mirror and dresser on the opposite side of the bed helps to balance the room.
And I love, love, love that all of the layers of linens on the bed take center stage in the room now. And even though summer is fast approaching, I can't bring myself to put away the down-filled comforter with linen duvet cover. It's just too pretty... so it stays on the bed all year long!
I can now also put my antique trencher bowl at the foot of the bed... something I've always wanted to do, but never before had the space to do it.
One side of the bed gets a traditional bedside table with a lamp.
On the other side of the bed, the antique white dresser stands in place of a table. It makes for one less piece of furniture than before, which in a small room makes a big difference in space.
An antique full-lenth mirror and topiary sit on a chippy white bench right inside the door.
And after sleeping on it for one night, I declare the new bedroom layout a success!


  1. Gorgeous. Your room is beautiful, I love the colors and all of your linens are stunning. Such a beautiful mix of patterns. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  2. SO beautiful Ellie. I adore your bed linens ....
    Have a wonderful day ~

  3. Im in love with the linens as well and the red is so cheerful!

  4. So beautiful!! I love the red & white accents throughout!!
    Hope you have a lovely day.

  5. I like both ways but it looks like the new way gives you more open floor space. I like the red and white touches through out the room. Nice

  6. I LOVE your bedroom layout and your linen is absolutely gorgeous! The red and white is so elegant.

  7. Ellie,
    Your new layout looks great.And I love that bedding too.All of that red and white looks so french.What a gorgeous room.

  8. Beautiful room and love the linens! Looks great and cozy!

  9. Your bedroom looks beautiful..

  10. I'm sending our daughter to view this. The ONLY placement for their bed is in front of the window. She needs to see your wonderful arrangement. Love all the red accents!

  11. Your bedroom looks beautiful, warm and cozy. Love everything on it!

  12. I love your styling Ellie and I agree this layout in your bedroom is terrific! Thank you for the post. I always look forward to them!

  13. I love your room this way....and I'm really loving the pops of red.

  14. Your blog is so beautiful!
    I'm a new follower from Italy
    Desi of Creattivando

  15. I just found your blog via pinterest and I love your style. We collect a lot of the same things! I LOVE ironstone, grain sacks, yellow ware, antiques and French linens! Great post on your bedroom arrangement. Glad I found you and am a new follower!


  16. I always love seeing your bedroom, love the neutrals plus red, and the antiques, of course. Glad you are enjoying the new arrangement!

  17. i think i have said this before, but i ADORE your style.
    i'm certain we are twins, separated at birth.
    we would have SUCH fun antiquing together...i know it!
    your bedroom looks amazing.
    love love love it!!!
    and i adore nancy fishelson, too{i have been surfing your site for a while today}.
    blessings to you!

  18. Just stumbled across you and so glad I missed my step :)
    Although one may seem to have a particular design style this does not always mean that ones heart is not swooning over another endearing look and design...I just love your kind of country :)
    I was alot like this design back in the 80's not to say you have a dated look, not at all! one just changes from time to time and always longing for what they left behind. I would so love to have a guest cottage out back designed just like you.

    Keep inspiring who you are all about, we love it.

    Blessings to you and yours.

    Burlap Luxe

  19. i do LOVE this style I am about to redecorate my rooms so i definitely will be inspired by you.well done)))

  20. Lovely, classic look to me! Lovely blog and I love the name.

  21. I love the linens and the flashy red! I am just now seeing this post for the first time and have recently re-arranged our bedroom (the smallest room in the house) and I have exact opposites now. I just moved my bed from an off-centered window wall to a wall with shelves. For now I love it! I've declared ours a success as well. Seems much roomier for us!

    Love your room. So cozy and comfy... the patina on that trencher bowl is gorgeous too, by the way.
    blessings, Pat


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