Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Living Room Layout

I don't know what you do when you're bored, but I rearrange furniture. A few weeks ago, on a lazy Sunday evening, I coerced my sweet husband into helping me rearrange the couches in the living room. (Which was better than this past weekend, when I coerced him into helping me unload the huge bookcases and move them across the room, only to decided I didn't like it, and have him move them back... Oops.) But this change worked out nicely.
 The couches used to face each other, but we moved the brown leather couch in front of the window instead, which really opened up the room. That couch also now faces the TV, which is an added bonus. I am not really in love with either of our couches... they are a mismatched pair, each one held over from our single days (mine was the white slipcovered, his was the brown leather). After almost 3 years of marriage, I'm looking forward to buying our first couch together someday soon. I've been gathering ideas here
With the new arrangement, my husband's computer table now "floats" in the room, rather than butting up to the back of the couch. I've since replaced his desk chair with the cane back french dining chair, instead of having it sit separately beside the desk - much more stylish and comfortable, and it leaves more room for walking.
The one piece that I didn't have room for with this new layout was my huge antique trencher bowl that sat underneath the big picture window. But no worries...
It found a new home in the bedroom. During the day, it holds a simple pair of red striped grain sack pillows (one antique, one from TJ Maxx).
 And at bedtime, it holds a whole lot more! All the pillows from the bed finally have a place to spend the night instead of on the floor :)


  1. Ellie,
    I love your new arrangement.And you have pretty nice furniture from your single days.Our furniture was from my parents it was beyond ugly.But it was furniture until we could by more.It is such an investment.I still have our first sofa that we bought after we were married.It is 22 years old.Instead of a new one I found an amazing slipcover.And now it looks new again.And works perfectly for our living room.
    LOVE that dough bowl and pillows too.

  2. Your living room is always so pretty and the colours are so soothing. My husband and 15 year old son always groan when I want to move something from the basement to the second floor, or vice versa, but they always do it. Just like your husband though, they often end up moving it right back ;) I love the small table you have in the corner and I'm keeping my eye out for a similar one (much more character than the standard matching end table look.)

  3. Love your blog. Love your things. Enjoy your weekend..

  4. I just love everything you've done to your house. Quite honestly I thought you were much older because you have such depth to your decorating style that usually takes many years to evolve. I checked out the sofas you are looking at and now maybe I won't be replacing my 22 year old slightly faded (ok, VERY faded) navy camel back sofa. :@

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks, Vickie! Ha ha - nope, I can still call myself a "twenty-something" for another year or so. And I agree - most sofa prices make me want to cry, but my wish list helps me figure out what kind of shapes and styles I want to look for when we're ready to start shopping :)

  5. I like your new arrangement. My friends always tell me that nothing is ever the same in my home when they come to visit. I think that when one is a creative soul, that we need change, and yes, sometimes we are wrong! We also rent our home, and feel very blessed that it has good bones and wonderful landlords. We are able to do just about anything we want to the house. The awful faded yellow formica kitchen counters are about to drive me crazy though. I love your's real nice.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Susie

  6. Hi Ellie: It's so much fun to move furniture. I used to be able to in another house, but the Cottage has 4 doors in the family room so it has to stay pretty much the same. I love all those pillows on the bed, but is a problem at bedtime where to put them. Seems like you figured it out, mine still end up in the bath tub. Your new arrangement looks super..Happy Weekend..Judy

  7. where do you live???
    i have a beautiful blue and cream buffalo check amana style sofa with beautiful wood frame that i know you would love.
    it needs to be reupholstered and made more 'comfy!' :D

  8. Do You know what the color of paint is on your walls?


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