Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring!

The first day of spring was gorgeous here in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was calm and mostly sunny, with temperatures in the 60's. Our neighborhood was all a-bustle with leaf raking, dog walking, and sidewalk chalk drawing. Pete and I did a little outdoor spring cleaning at our humble little rental home, sweeping off steps, pulling sticks out of the front bushes, and wiping down the ivory-colored metal front door (it looks so much better!) Horray for spring!

Last Friday, my husband took a day off work and we took advantage of the beautiful spring-like day to explore the nearby Sunken Gardens.  The gardens were mostly still asleep, but there were a few beautiful little spots alive with color and new growth. The natural textures and colors reminded me of spots in our home...

This beautiful stone wall with vines and little blue berry clusters reminds me of the color scheme of my living room, especially the cluster of pillows made from antique linen grain sacks and vintage ticking fabric.

These slender branches of elongated red berries remind me of the vintage-inspired red stripes and antique red and white quilt in the bedroom.

Happy first day of spring!


  1. just lovely ellie! the sunken gardens is one of my favorite places to visit from spring to fall!

  2. Thanks, Deborah - it was so nice to meet you at the open house :) I can't wait to see the sunken gardens in full bloom - I'm sure it's gorgeous!


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