Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Better Than Flowers

I have a particular weakness for grocery store white cake. I pretty much love cake of any kind, but there is something about that quintessential fluffy white cake with sickly sweet icing from the grocery store bakery that just hits the spot.

So imagine my delight when my dear hubby snatched up not one, but TWO of these glorious little clouds of sugary goodness, leftover from an office birthday party, and surprised me with them when he came home from work... Oh, how well he knows me!


  1. I am with you....I love cake with old fashion sweet icing. I hate that whipped junk....I bet you enjoyed that beautiful thing!!!

  2. Good morning, Ellie! Just found you--so glad! I LOVE that white store cake sweet & yummy!

    Just took a stroll through some of your recent posts--love your beautiful photography! And honey--me, too! Love the way it looks dripping all golden and beautiful...aahhh!

    I'll be following along...hope your day is wonderful!


  3. Just found you too! I'm a yellow cake girl. LOVE to make the batter and just eat it with a spoon! Reeeally cute blog :)

  4. That's sweet! My hubby does the same thing with chocolate. I'm a chocoholic so if there's anything at work, etc, he always saves me a piece. It's better than getting a bouquet of flowers. Well, almost! Just found you via Brenda's blog. I'm your newest follower and would be delighted to have you follow me back.
    Have a great day!

  5. Hi there....just popped in from Brenda's blog and love your blog. And I TOO LOVE white cake with white icing. You are lucky to have such a sweet hubby. I've added myself as a follow SO I'll be back to check on you. Happy Spring from Houston!!!1

  6. I have just come over from Brenda's. I am also a new blogger. I will have to go back through your older posts. I love that you make your own soap. I love anything homemade! Do you garden too? Well, stop by to see my blog when you have a chance.

  7. Hi Ellie! I am visiting from Brenda's Welcome Wagon! I hope you are enjoying the blogging world! That little cupcakes looks delicious, just the perfect size and almost {almost} too pretty to eat!!

    Love that you make your own soap! I will come back to read more of your blog when I have a chance. Have a great day!


  8. I love white cake too. You can keep the icing just a little for me. Beautiful blog. What a sweet hubby to bring you home some cake. I'm visiting from Brenda's Welcome Wagon. I will be back for more.

  9. Welcome everyone! I'm so thrilled you stopped by to read my little blog. It makes my day :) Thanks for all the sweet comments!

  10. Welcome~Just stopped by from Brenda's at Cozy Little House. I LOVE white cake. I am your newest follower and I can't wait to get my lavender oatmeal soap. ;-)

  11. Hi. I am a new follower and I am loving your blog and all of your photos. So crisp and beautiful. Look forward to reading more.

    Linen & Verbena

  12. I just came over from Brenda's blog. You have a beautiful blog here. So glad I stopped by.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


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