Sunday, September 11, 2011

Autumn Details

First, a disclaimer: I have not decorated for fall. I got my first glimpse of this years pumpkin harvest at an antique show in Venice, Nebraska this weekend (a town so small it doesn't show up on the map), but I haven't brought any home yet. The nights, however, are starting to get crisp and fall is definitely in the air, so I sorted through some old pictures that I've never shared, and pulled out some autumn inspired details for you...

With it's warm golden color, antique yellowware is perfect for fall decorating.

I sold this antique bench (actually a seat for a cast iron tub) last fall. I love the curved iron legs and rustic wood top. It looked so charming with my little bright orange pie pumpkins.

I'm a sucker for the tiny little cream colored pumpkins...

A pile of them in a vintage wire basket or bottle carrier is a lovely yet subtle fall touch.

And although there's nothing especially "fall" about this vignette, I think a touch of black iron and dark rustic wood are essential to creating a cozy fall look.

A big old lumpy red-orange pumpkin in my mom's garden last year.

I spotted this life-size cast iron squirrel finial at a huge beautiful townhouse when we lived in the Gold Coast neighborhood of downtown Chicago. My husband and I used to spend sunny Saturday afternoons walking around the neighborhood, gawking at the gorgeous old homes and quasi-mansions with breathtaking architecture before heading back to our tiny high-rise studio apartment. I wasn't a huge fan of city life, but we lived in one of the most gorgeous neighborhoods in Chicago. I wish now that I would have taken more pictures!

Hopefully this whets your appetite for fall decorating... I know it does mine!
Happy Fall!

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  1. Yes, it does (whet my appetite....)! I've told myself, "Not until at least the 15th of September." I live with the autumn decorating through Thanksgiving Day, so don't want to introduce it so early that I tire of it.


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