Saturday, November 20, 2010

Countdown to Moving Day

Just 2 days till moving day!  More specifically, the moving truck will come and load up our house in Pennsylvania in two days.  Apparently when you move 1,000 miles across the country, "moving day" turns into a week-long affair.  Our final destination?  The wide open prairies and infinite horizons of Nebraska.  That's right, folks, we are heading west!

Moving is becoming a hobby of mine...  Almost 2 years ago I married  the man of my dreams, who, despite growing up in my very own rural Ohio hometown, had settled in the heart of the stylish Gold Coast in downtown Chicago, surrounded by soaring glass highrises, huge stone townhouses, and history-making architecture.  So with wedding day curls still in my hair, we hit the road for a 2 week honeymoon along the beautiful coast of Maine, and then, with a final tearful goodbye to my family and one last load of clothes and wedding gifts packed in the back of the car, I moved with my new husband to my new home in the big city.

Our first home together, a tiny studio apartment with a little lofted sleeping area, saw us through our first several months as cozy little newlyweds, until we found a less tiny apartment a few blocks away in a nice highrise building with a beautiful sunset view.  That move was mostly accomplished with rolling suitcases, good friends, and an afternoon with a borrowed pickup truck.  We literally walked our dining room table and chairs down the street :)

Less than a year after that move, we took an exciting new job that moved us to Pittsburgh, PA, just an hour and a half from our Ohio hometown and both our families.  With the help of my parents, we stuffed a 26' U-haul truck to the roof and drove in a 3 vehicle caravan across 3 states through brutal, unrelenting rain. 

Now, a mere 4 months after landing in western Pennsylvania, we will hit the road again with our house on our back, unexpectedly following that new job to Lincoln, Nebraska.  We'll do the 15+ hour drive for the first time next weekend. 

I'm getting really good at my new hobby...

See you in Nebraska!


  1. Ellie - how exciting to be moving to Nebraska! My husband, Brian, is from that great state and I lived there for part of a year. We met at Hesston and Brian finished at UNL and we lived there for a semester while he finished school before moving back to Kidron. We really like Lincoln, and I hope you and your husband do as well. It's a different pace and will take some getting used to, but Nebraska has some good things to offer. Best wishes!

  2. Welcome to Nebraska from the west end of the state! It is a great place to live and junk : )

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