Monday, September 26, 2011

A New Pig Cutting Board

Growing up, my mom always had a pig cutting board in her Early American style kitchen. There is something charmingly innocent and idyllic to me about a rustic wood pig shaped board. For me, it is an icon of the country kitchen.

This is the newest addition to what is quietly becoming my newest collection. He's so sweet and chubby, just like a good pig should be. 

The dark gray-brown wood tones perfectly matched the antique drop leaf table and french wicker basket that hides my trash can.

There's another pig, hanging at the other end of my little galley kitchen along with my newly completed "Meat Market" sign.

I originally intended to make this sign to hang in my diningroom, but I ended up liking it above the doorway in my kitchen instead.

And last but not least, there is this little piggy propped up behind some yellowware bowls beside my sink. I've heard that 3 or more of something qualifies as a "collection", so I guess it's official!


  1. I myself had a pig cutting board in my old country kitchen, it had a crackle finish due to my craftiness at the time. They are very charming indeed, and yours is divine!

  2. I love your pig cutting board. What a cute and fun touch to your wonderful kitchen. Also love those bowls...

  3. I have a bread board collection with several pigs. I love yours! Can you really ever have too many?

  4. I love the Meat Market sign you made! Your blog is my favorite, I love your style of decorating and the way you display your things. I am always looking at your pictures to get ideas and I actually mentioned you in my last blog post. Check out my blog sometime!

  5. My wife had a pig board that she and her brother fought over...

    This site sells some really nice boards - pig, apple, cow and even a whale!


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