Monday, January 23, 2012

New Striped Ribbon

I am officially obsessed with this ribbon... I was running out of the ribbon I used to use on my handmade soap gift boxes, and I wanted something better. And, boy, is this better... Luxurious, elegant 1.5" wide grosgrain ribbon with a beautiful hand, soft drape, and gorgeous rustic ivory and caramel brown stripes. It's the kind of ribbon people write poems about. Or at least they should...

I am in the process of tweaking my gift sets and switching them all over to this beautiful new ribbon, but I just photographed the first one this afternoon and I couldn't wait to show it off. This is my No. 2 Gift Box - the Hardworking Hands Kit. It has two bars of coarsly-textured handmade soap (the Gardener's Scrub has cornmeal plus oatmeal, and the Cinnamon Coffee has finely ground coffee beans in it) paired with a wooden nail brush for down and dirty scrubbing. But I'll just let all that gorgeous ribbon speak for itself...

And don't worry... I ordered enough of this ribbon to share. It comes in glorious 30 yards spools (30 yards!) which will retail for $26.00 each. I've seen it sold by the yard in a handful of online shops, but I'm going to offer it in my etsy shop by the roll instead. I don't have it photographed and listed just yet, but it's coming soon. The Hardworking Hands Kit is already available in both shops, here and here.


  1. I love that ribbon! I have some in the yellow (mustard) and cream! it is gorgeous! And so are your sets :)

  2. Your photos are just gorgeous, and that ribbon is so so yummy!!

  3. Really beautiful and I love your products, must try soon!


    Art by Karena

  4. The ribbon is so pretty and so are your gift sets!

    I'm going to have to look more closely at your products and see what I can't live without...and GET SOME!


  5. Gasp! That's about all I can do! Gasp! It's gorgeous. You're right, poetry gorgeous:)Perfect thing to wrap around your amazing soaps:)

  6. Love the new ribbon!! What a great choice! Earthy and chic!! The gift sets are a wonderful idea, too! Love how you style your photos too!!

  7. Just Gorgeous! Love that ribbon, it looks so rich and yummy. The sets have the wow factor and sooo make them tempting! Your photos are amazing and do the sets so much justice. Can you tell I'm impressed. Just lovely! Suzy

  8. Ellie, I just found your blog today. I love the new ribbon. My friend opened the towels I got from you just the other day and loved them. You are so talented. Happy to be following.


  9. Gorgeous! I love that you have a hardworking hands set... and that is is decorated in such a fabulously fancy way. Just because I've been digging in dirt doesn't mean I am not in need of fancy at the end of the day. :)

    (Gorgeous photography of it too, btw!)

  10. That is surely some of the prettiest ribbon I've ever seen! I can't think of any more suitable for the products you mentioned either...

  11. Gorgeous ribbon! Where can i buy it?


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