Monday, January 16, 2012

Antique Butter Mold

I've long admired antique butter molds like this, with their beautiful carvings and smooth worn patina. I've been looking for one to display on my new kitchen shelves, so I was thrilled to find this one at an antique show in town this past weekend. I just love the detailed strawberry vine carving - it's so cute! - and it was in great condition for just $30. These primitive butter molds are quite collectible, and I've most often see them priced at $50 - $80 or more, depending on the condition and design, so I was tickled pink with my find. It now has the perfect new home, nestled between two yellowware bowls above my kitchen sink.


  1. That is so beautiful, I can almost feel it. I do love wooden things, I think it comes from my dad who did woodwork and I just loved being in his shed as a child. Suzy

  2. This makes me think of Little House on the Prairie series I read this past summer-- Laura talks about how they didn't have much, but when they had cream for butter momma would press it in the butter mold and it seemed like a treat!
    I can see by the detail of your mold, how that would make real-butter that much sweeter!
    It looks pretty on your shelf with your yellow ware bowls,btw!

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