Thursday, August 25, 2011


My quilt top is finished!

I have the quilt top "sandwiched" with the batting and backing fabric and secured with safety pins so that I can begin the daunting task of hand quilting. I considered machine quilting it, but I just can't bring my traditional, perfectionistic, antique-loving self to do it, at least on this quilt. So I am savoring this "ta-da" moment, because I have a feeling it's going to be a long while before I reach another one...

Here's a close-up of the beginning stages of the quilting. So far it has been a rather painful learning process. Literally painful. Quilting needles are sharp, and I am, well, clumsy. And S-L-O-W. After close to two hours of whiny quilting last night, I was seriously considering other options. Options like, "these safety pins don't look that bad, do they?" and "maybe I could pay my Grandma to do this for me."

But this morning, I'm feeling more positive. I am taking to heart the mantra of my dad, in those gentle yet oft-spoken words from my childhood: "Buck up, kid."  

So my sewing box is out, and the couch will be out of commission for a while, pressed into duty as a quilting frame. I'll keep you updated, and sooner or later I'll have another "ta-da" for you. Probably later, rather than sooner. :)


  1. You'll be pleased that you chose to hand quilt Ellie. Knock 'em dead!
    ~ Mom McIntyre

  2. WOW! Your quilt looks fantastic...even with the pins.

  3. Beautiful! I love the colors you chose! LOVE it!

  4. I am so impressed. I tried quilting a few years ago and found it too slow going for my liking. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous, love the pattern and the colour.

    Good for you!!!

  5. Wow that was fast putting the top together, it looks brilliant, love your colors.
    I find hand quilting with cotton batting much harder than synthetic, but it will be so lovely when it is finished, machine quilting just isnt the same. The quilt I hand quilted with cotton batting is here
    I didn't piece all the top, just joined squares I thrifted, so I am very impressed with your stars!

  6. I cannot even tape straight let alone sew let alone QUILT. But I can appreciate a talented artist and I appreciate this masterpiece. Cannot wait for the other "Ta-Da !"

  7. It's looking lovely and I'm sure will be worth all the effort. Great colours - sometimes I find quilts a little to gaudy, but those are very elegant colours you have chosen.

  8. Wow! You've done an amazing job, Ellie! Love the colors and pattern. :)

  9. Ellie,
    What a beautiful quilt.I like the colors.

  10. It's beautiful! Invest in a leather thimble- you will love it and it will save you from so much pain. Also, keep your eyes peeled for wooden quilting hoop. It makes everything so much more manageable. I'm so impressed with your beautiful quilt!


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