Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Handmade Mirrored Sconce

This mirrored candle sconce was sort of a make-do project (hint: there's duct tape involved). I've recently been eyeing those beautiful round antique mirror candle sconces, made up of a mosaic of little mirror pieces...

Like these from a House Beautiful magazine...

Or this one, currently for sale here on etsy...

But, avoiding all temptaion (at least for now), I made my own for around $11.00.  Granted, it's not quite the same, but I still think it's simple, beautiful, and charming.

I found the vintage concave mirror at an antique mall for $5.00. It was an old handmade lamp reflector and it has a nice wavy, slightly darkened mirrored metal surface that reflects light (and a bit of my bookcases on the opposite wall) beautifully.

Then I picked up a simple tin candle holder that was meant to hang over a cupboard door (like a towel hook hangs over a bathroom door) for around $6.00 at a gift shop, and I was able to bend the hanger flat so I could attach it to the back of the reflector. And yes, when I say "attach" I mean "duct tape".  The wonders never cease!


  1. Oh, that is so cool looking. I have a couple of old (not really, but 1980's model) brass sconces from Home Interiors that I've been wanting to do something with...maybe some silver and black spray paint...and something to degloss the silver might come up with a similar effect. Although mine aren't round.
    Hmmm...the wheels are turning now...

  2. I have always adored mirrored sconces- so reminiscent of the Colonial era and they often have a time-worn beauty to them. I love your homemade one!

  3. It turned out great, Ellie! Just charming! I do love the mosaic ones too! What a great idea!

    Have a lovely Thursday, gal!

  4. i think i like yours the best. duct tape and all!

  5. How bright is it? is the candles can replace the other lighting?


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