Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Market Find

This old white spice drawer cabinet was my other great find at the Vintage and Artisan Market last weekend. 

It was staring at me all day, sitting on a table directly across from my booth. I meandered over to look at it twice, but there was no price on it. Sad... that is not one of my favorite parts of shopping at an antique show or flea market. I don't like having to ask for prices. And nice antique spice cabinets are often over $100, so I told myself it was probably for the best. Oh well, back to my booth...

But it just kept staring at me, with those cute little drawers and old white paint...

So by my third trip over near the end of the day (anyone watching could tell that I was practically stalking this little cupboard), I finally asked the nice man how much it was. And then? I promptly ran back to my booth to get a $20 bill from my cash box to buy it... and I got change back. That's my kind of deal!

It's going to hang up on the wall there, between the windows in my kitchen. I've been looking for something to put there, and this little guy will be perfect.

And just to show you that I don't buy everything I want... there was this great little old trestle table that I could've bought for a song from the same man, but I had let it go, for lack of room. Oh well, maybe next time!


  1. Yah for you! It pays to stalk things I'd say! And less than 20 unheard of! I can't wait to see it on your wall! Will you be putting spices in it?


  2. Great find there... You know I was looking at your trim and walls and just wanted to say I love how it looks....

  3. Great find and it will be perfect between the windows. Hugs, Marty

  4. Aaaah! It's almost exactly like my great-great-great-grandmother's spice cabinet, which I've been moving for years in hopes of someday finding a use for! I'll have to send a picture. : )


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