Thursday, April 14, 2011

Buttermilk Doors

It's here! It's here!

The UPS man delivered a new project to my house yesterday. A gallon of gorgeous paint from Olde Century Colors in "Buttermilk" - my favorite paint color. Buttermilk is a beautiful rich off-white with soft linen tones, not too yellow, not too pink, and not too gray. It's the perfect subtle color for vintage french farmhouse style. Against wood and other colors, buttermilk reads as a creamy off-white. Against pure white walls like in my house, it reads as a nice soft mid-tone neutral.

When we moved in to our place here in Nebraska, I painted all of the doors and trim in Buttermilk (after blanket "paint whatever you want" approval from the landlord, of course).

One wall in the livingroom also got a few coats of Buttermilk. Most walls throughout the house were white, but this one was painted a funny purplish tan off-white color... painted over wallpaper, as I've come to discover. Yikes! So it went Buttermilk, too.

Buttermilk paint looks great on the doors and trim in the bedroom, too. The only problem is...

I   R A N   O U T   O F   P A I N T ! !

While the outside of the bedroom door is painted, the inside is not. Neither is the closet door. 

And neither are a few of the doors in the little door-heavy hallway that separates the bedroom, bathroom, and livingroom. It's been driving me nuts for months!

But now that I finally have more paint, and I can't wait tackle the rest of those strawberry-blond wood doors. After pictures will be coming soon!

Olde Century Colors has a whole range of authentic, colonial paint colors that all work really well together. I also used their paint to redo my kitchen (see pictures here). The kitchen cabinets are "Thistle". You can find Olde Century paint in some specialty stores, but I ordered mine from their website.


  1. Can you tell us the color and brand name of the paint on your walls? Thank you! Jody

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