Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our New Digs - Part 2

The kitchen is remarkably beautiful compared to where it started.  Now, I am notoriously horrible at taking "before" pictures when I start a project.  I know I should, but usually I am far too impatient to get stuff finished to put anything in the way of getting started.   And I guess I don't find that much joy in documenting the ugly.  But, I did snap a few quick pictures of the old kitchen before I painted.  And when I say ugly...

Yellow and white are not bad kitchen colors in theory.  In this case, however, I imagine that whoever painted it said, "Great. I need yellow paint and white paint. How hard can that be?" and then proceeded to pick up the first swatch of yellow and white that they saw.  The result was less than fortunate... icy cold gray-blue white and I-can't-believe-it's-not-butter yellow.  Pair that with a flourescent overhead light and you can imagine why I was thrilled with our landlord told us we could paint.

And although it's still small and narrow (and remarkably hard to take pictures of) with only one slab of workable counterspace, the kitchen has turned out the be pretty nice.  There are plenty of cabinets which go all the way to the ceiling (now painted in a beautiful greenish gold called "Thistle"), TONS of natural sunlight, and all the little antique details that make it feel like a french country kitchen. 

Antique lidded basket that perfectly fits my wastebasket!

Tiny yellowware bowl from one of my favorite new antique shops in Lincoln

An antique pantry cabinet for extra storage

A beautiful gilded mirror above the sink in place of a window


  1. I love this little galley kitchen. It reminds me of my momma's kitchen in my childhood home.
    I like the way the paint on the wall color painted baseboards compliments that floor now.
    Before, all that yellow and white drew the yellow out of the floor which was distracting. But NOW it is easy on the eyes and not distracting.


  2. Great job on the kitchen re-do. And I KNOW how hard it is to get a good shot of a galley kitchen. I'm imagining you perched on countertops...LOL! I can relate to not too many before pictures. I'm usually chomping at the bit to get the project started and forget about the Before's.

  3. Yup - sitting on countertops, huddled into corners, leaning backwards over the kitchen sink... I did it all!

  4. Hi Ellie!
    Your home is so pretty --- love your style and I am crazy for your Etsy shop! You have so many great things on there that I love!

    Excited to tailgate with you on the Parade of Homes tonight!
    Will be back over within the hour to link to your home post at 12:01 EST.
    Should be fun tomorrow!

  5. I think your home is lovely. Visiting from Parade of Homes. New follower here. Would love for you to visit me at Uncluttered Lifestyle.

  6. Beautiful transformation. What color is the wall paint?

  7. I LOVE the transformation, I would also like to know what wall paint you have used, it is beautiful. We are downsizing in a year or so to a new development and I was looking at a Haymes paint chart and saw a similar colour to this. I love the look you have created, simple French and homely.


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