Thursday, April 7, 2011

In Defense of Dust Bunnies

I am starting to appreciate dust bunnies.

Living in an apartment that is largely carpeted, dust bunnies only appear in the bedroom – the one room with wood floors. And, boy, do they ever appear! I can see why they are called dust bunnies, as they definitely resemble their prolifically reproducing fluffy animal namesake, both in appearance and, well, multiplication power. Their favorite hang-out spot is in the corner underneath the dresser.

So why do I appreciate them? First of all, they remind me to clean. When I go several days without vacuuming, the dust bunnies let me know. Without them, I fear that my weekly vacuuming (give or take) would turn into something closer to monthly.

Second of all, they provide such a satisfying before-and-after. From visibly fuzzy floors to clean, smooth, and noticeably shiny. In the design world, it’s popular to choose materials and finishes for a house that “hide the dirt”. I do support that to some extent. Obviously solid white carpet might not be the best choice for an entryway. But I think this philosophy goes a little too far sometimes.

Take the speckled Formica countertops in my kitchen. When I don’t wipe the counter after my husband has made coffee in the morning, can I tell? No, not really. The speckles in the countertop resemble coffee grounds. Great, right? But, when I do finally wipe them clean, and see how many coffee grounds were actually there, can I tell a difference? Well… no, not so much. What I have is not a kitchen counter that looks clean, but a kitchen counter that always looks like it has coffee grounds all over it. Super.

My third point in defense of dust bunnies is the fact that they gather together. I like that. It means all the little dust particles are not wandering off on their own and getting ground down into the carpet. I never get dust bunnies in the living room. Does that mean there is no dust? Heavens, no. It just means the dust spreads out and settles in… into the grayish bluish brownish speckled dust-colored carpet. Fabulous.

So, in conclusion, I am learning to appreciate the dust bunnies in my home. They keep me on my toes, and reward me for my cleaning efforts. Someday, I look forward to having a home with wood floors throughout (so that the dust bunnies can host a family reunion), and kitchen counters that don’t come with their own built-in coffee ground flecks.

The hubby makes quite enough of those on his own, thank you very much.

The End
(dust bunny photos courtesy of Stitch Happens)


  1. Too cute, Ellie! With 4 animals in our home, the little dust bunnies can quickly turn into large hares if I miss a vacuum day!! You're right though, I have so many other things that distract me...I'm glad they remind me to get to my chores!!
    Have a cozy evening and a happy Friday!!

  2. I wish my dust bunnies were that cute!


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