Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vintage Monograms

As promised, here three examples of beautiful vintage monogrammed linens that I've picked up recently at sales and antique shows. All of them are newly listed in my etsy shop. Buy them... before I decide to keep them all for myself!

First up are these old handmade napkin rings. It's a complete set of 12, and they are so incredibly detailed and beautiful - so much time and love went into making these heirloom napkin rings. And even more special if your name happens to begin with a "B"...

Next, a gorgeous oatmeal colored linen towel, with a sage green K monogram. The cross stitch color is so beautiful, and one you don't see all that often. This is my favorite colored background - light, natural, flax linen.

And lastly, a vintage white-on-white embroidered guest towel. I love the hempstitch detail along the edge. So classic.

Find them all HERE


  1. Beautiful linens!

  2. LOVE!
    i have a huge stack of these that i don't know what to do with, but it's so hard to resist them!


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