Saturday, July 7, 2012

Collecting Pewter

A quick peek at the slowly growing antique pewter collection... I found the really early dark plate (top shelf, on the left) at a little antique shop in Nags Head on the Outer Banks, NC on our vacation this summer. (Nebraska to Ohio to North Carolina by car... we get around!) It's the first piece of nice old pewter that I've actually bought in person, instead of online, so it was a fun souvenir from the trip. My souvenirs are always antiques... Hubby bought 3 T-shirts.

These little English bar measures are also new additions. They're so cute! The smallest one is not even 2" tall. There's a complete set of measures like these on Ebay right now that has all 9 graduated sizes, all the way up to a one gallon size... for $2,500. Just in case you're interested :) I bought these two little guys from separate places, and I'm keeping my eyes peeled for more sizes to help build my own "patchwork" set someday.

The PW on this large pewter charger is so charming. There's a tiny MB at the top of the small plate below, too. I always love a monogram!

I stopped at a garage sale this morning in the neighborhood, and I picked up a couple other wonderful vintage monogrammed items that I'll be listing in my shop soon - a set of fabric napkin rings, and a linen towel. I'll show them to you later this week when I get them photographed! 

And speaking of garage sales, I've been mentally preparing for a sale of our own this summer, and today I started the tedious process of going through boxes, closets, and cupboards, not to mention the mountain of decorating cast-offs I've been stock-piling down in the basement. No date set for it yet, but I'll keep you posted! 


  1. It's sure nice to see your posts again. I am a fan! You have just the right touch in your decorating--a lovely mix of antiques, color, texture, and linens. It's really quite a unique style!

  2. love it.
    i have a smallish collection of pewter that i have been working on, too.
    i don't have it displayed, though, due to lack of space.
    i sure wish we lived closer, so we could chat about such things and i could share with you. :)

  3. Your collection of Pewter is so lovely. I especially like the shelf that you have it sitting on and the color.

    I bet you have lots and lots of cool stuff for your sale. Sorry, I won't be able to make it...from Texas, but you understand, right? LOL...

  4. Awesome pewter, Ellie! I have sold what I have found in my shop, but really want to have a small collection. It has such a wonderful, rustic patina!

    And as far as your previous post...I for one never tire of seeing lovely ironstone! And your photos are always sooo pretty. You must have good natural light in your home. We have 3 large picture windows in our family room, and that's about the only place we get really good natural light.

    Oh and I do have some crock envy! LOL!
    Have wonderful Sunday!

  5. I don't come across pewter often enough.You are lucky to have such a beautiful collection.And displayed so well too.

  6. Hi Ellie, welcome home from some great travels! Love all your souvenirs. The bar measures are soooo cute! Your pewter collection is wonderful and looks great on that shelf. Love seeing your antiques and pretty home, will never tire :) Good luck with your garage sale!

  7. Pewter is so pretty. Isn't it fun to have something so worthwhile to collect. Good luck with the yard sale prep!!

  8. The "PW" must stand for "Paul Wevere" Ha!


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