Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Cozy Place to Sleep

With the nights getting cooler and thoughts of a snowy season just around the corner, I've beefed up our bedding with new layers of patterned pillows and richly textured blankets for a cozy nights sleep and, just as importantly, a beautiful bedscape that adds a burst of inviting warmth and color to our tiny home.

The red and white quilt at the foot of the bed is an antique, but the rest of the bedding only looks vintage, with french-style stripes and classic woven patterns. The gray blanket with big red checks, along with the red coverlet pillow, are both new additions to my bedding from Family Heirloom Weavers, a small company in Pennsylvania that creates beautiful woven textiles patterned after early colonial antiques. Their stuff is gorgeous!

A tiny oval antique picture of a young girl hangs with a vintage mirror above the bed, creating a focal point in lieu of a headboard.  

With a bedroom this bright and welcoming, I think we're ready for a cozy winter hibernation. Plus, I can't help thinking that in a few weeks a Christmas tree would fit perfectly in that back corner.... In the two and a half years since we've been married, we haven't had a place yet that was big enough (or that we weren't in the process of moving into or out of) to put up a full size Christmas tree. Maybe this will be the year!


  1. I love this look! Simple, clean and serene!
    Just a gorgeous bedroom!!

  2. So very cozy and warm. Love the mirror "hanging" from the photp. Great idea to pull the two together.

  3. Oh, your bed looks so cozy and inviting. I really like all the textures & the mix of plaids, stripes and checks. Nice job.
    :) CAS

  4. Your bedding is just fabulous! Love your entire bedroom.

  5. This is all so wonderfully put together. Gorgeous colors. Just the perfect touch of red. You must be loving it!

  6. I just love your style- one of my favorite blogs for sure!! Love the red & cream- I have a similar color scheme going on in my guest room right now plus pops of red throughout my house. I will definitely have to check out the textile company you mentioned!

  7. Your bed looks so cozy and inviting, just love it!!! SO beautiful!!!


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