Friday, August 10, 2012

Antique French Linen Sheet

I finally found a lightwight summer replacement for the cozy down comforter that is usually folded at the foot of our bed. Seeing that is now mid-August, it was about time! We obviously weren't using the down comforter at night, but the bed looked so bare without it that I couldn't stand to take it away.

So when I spotted this gorgeous antique linen monogrammed sheet (seriously on sale!) from an Etsy seller in France, I thought that it might be a perfect option. And with that beautiful red monogram, how could I resist?

It fits right in with all my other red, white, and gray bed linens, and adds a charming French detail.

The sheet is made of two homespun linen panels that are seamed together in the center, and the "AA" monogram falls just off-center to avoid the seam. The sheet is about 70" wide, which is just about right for laying across our queen size bed.


And the placement of the monogram could not be more perfect for displaying at the foot of the bed, layered on top of the gray checked blanket and underneath the red and white antique quilt.


And the best part? The sheet arrived all the way from France about two weeks ago... on my birthday. Happy birthday to me!! 


  1. oh my gosh what a find, its lovely, Happy Birthday!!

  2. Lovely, Ellie. Perfect.

  3. The linen sheet is beautiful. Love the stitched initials! Very fun it arrived on your birthday!

  4. Happy belated birthday Ellie. I received my Tea Leaf Ironstone dishes today and they are just lovely. I blogged about them and gave you a shout out too on my Thank you so very much. These dishes mean the world to me.

  5. Beautiful sheet. Isn't it wonderful when you finally find the perfect piece?!
    Greetings from France.

  6. I adore how you mix clean lines with a cozy warm feel. Your blog is incredible! I love meeting creative sister bloggers and the process of following and sharing ideas. I am your newest follower. Have a lovely day and when you have the time, please pay me a visit, my welcome mat is always out. Connie :)

  7. What a gorgeous sheet. Your entire bed is just beautiful. Would take it and happily put it right into our home.

  8. Well, Happy Birthday! I'm loving all the red and white vintage textiles you have. I'm now following along.......Sarah

  9. Ha! I was looking at that sheet too! Yup, not only do I have a store on Etsy, but I buy from Etsy...and I was looking at that sheet too. You gave it a wonderful home! I love linen sheets...
    Great shots...

  10. thanks for sharing.


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