Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Few New Ironstone Pieces

My cousin got married this fall in Ohio, and since hubby couldn't make the trip, I flew in for the wedding and took the opportunity to spend a little extra time back home. I was home for a total of 9 days, and most of those were spent antiquing with my mom - she's one of the few people I know who has almost the same stamina for shopping as I do! I found dozens of new ironstone pieces for my collection, from stacks of little butter pats to big beautiful pitchers, tureens, and platters. Sadly, most of it had to stay in Ohio until we drove back for Thanksgiving. But it's all finally here...

One of my favorite finds was this tall ironstone pitcher. I've been keeping my eyes open for one that I could afford, and this one fit the ($20) bill perfectly.

I also found this covered tureen, which perfectly matches an under plate that I had bought earlier this year at a garage sale...

They have the same design, the same color and amount of crazing, and they fit together perfectly - a  perfect match.

The view from the dining "room" into the living room. They are really the same room, so I like to keep the same blue, grey and white color scheme in both spaces.

A pair of towels and a linen apron hang on a pegboard behind the table.

My blue china cabinet got a fresh load of new ironstone finds too. I like when cupboards look layered and filled to the brim, and I'm finally getting there with this one. Of course, there's always room for a few more pieces - a couple more platters to add to the stack, another small plate or two propped up in the back, and a few more piles of butter pats should do the trick.

I've come to love white on white embroidery like this vintage monogrammed towel, which I picked up for a couple dollars. It adds a touch of softness to my white collection.  


I have my eye on a couple of antique European grain sacks on Ebay right now... I'd like to open up a sack with dark blue stripes and use it as a long table runner on my table. That just might be my next project!


  1. Your ironstone is beautiful and it displays so well in your blue cupboard. Love it. Ohhhh antique European grain sacks ;-), they make me smile ~ Just received by Lemon Verbena soap ~ thanks! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT ;-)

  2. I love your white ironstone collection! I just found a gorgeous coffee pot myself today. Your home is so lovely!

  3. Dear Ellie,
    Where do I begin to start my list of comments on all the things I love! Your home is amazing.
    Love all your touches and your style. Truly a beauty to behold.

    Love the white ironstone, collect it too.
    The piggie cutting board, the yellow ware bowls,
    the new navy woven early American coverlet! My mother has several of those and some with a faded red mixed in also. What a steal at $80!

    Merry Christmas.
    So much fun stopping by this evening.

  4. I love the ironstone overflowing in your cabinet. It all looks beatuiful!

  5. Your collection makes me a little faint everytime I see it - it's just so pretty. Both new pieces are wonderful new additions.

  6. I JUST Discovered you ( through pinterest) AND I LOVE what you are doing ! I , am switching over from very primitive to a light look in my home and business and I"ve enjoyed looking at your style .WONDERFUL mix and I'm SO inspired! I've added you to my blogroll. Will visit often. Come see me sometime :-) xoxo

  7. I found you today through Behind my red door blog, I am so glad that I did. Your home is fabulous. Love your white ironstone collection. I have added your blog to my fav list.

  8. I'm in love with this ironstone collection! I just featured it on my facebook page. You can check it out right here.

  9. I just discovered your blog through a Pinterest search of ironstone. I, too, love ironstone and old advertising crocks. Love, love your blog!




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