Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Love for Old Labels

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I love old paper labels. No matter what the item is, if it has an original label - no matter how tattered or torn - there is something about it that I gravitate towards. I love the all the different examples of typography, the beautiful graphics, and the perfectly aged color of the paper.

Vintage spools of thread found in Iowa

Unused cones of crochet thread, still wrapped up in their original brown paper packaging! Found in Ohio.

I especially love old bottles with their original labels.

Early french olive oil bottle, found in Nebraska (of all places!).

National Starch Company shipping box with tattered label on one end, found in Nebraska.

It amazes me that you can find these antique shipping crates with their original labels still intact. Imagine if cardboard boxes today were this beautiful!

Sapolio box, found in Pennsylvania

Procter & Gamble Ivory Soap box, found in Nebraska

The boxes above are long gone, but I have a few new ones with great old labels that I brought back from my trip to Ohio. I'll be photographing and listing those soon, along with TONS of great ironstone, so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. I too LOVE old, original labels! Especially apothecary and patent medicine bottles- they fascinate me!

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