Saturday, June 22, 2013

Antique Ironstone Collection



A huge thank you for all of the kind comments, emails, and encouraging questions about when, or if, I would ever start blogging again. Truth be told, I wasn't sure... I started this blog several years ago just after my husband and I moved to Nebraska, mostly so that I would have a way to show my mom and sister, who were almost 1000 miles away in Ohio, what our house looked like and what I was up to way out "west". Over the last two years though, I've been pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the fact that many of you have tagged along quite faithfully as well, from all corners of the world. Thank you.
But this winter a lovely thing happened... We moved back to Ohio.
And suddenly blogging took a break while we packed up, found a place to live, unpacked, settled in, and caught up on over two years of girls days out, nieces' and nephews' birthday parties, lazy back porch sitting at the in-laws, and Sunday lunches after church with my family. It has been a blessing.
But don't worry... I'll still touch base with you every now and then.
Let's just be honest, I've never been very good at blogging on a regular schedule. Putting together a beautiful, interesting, and coherent blog post often takes me hours, usually over the course of several days. I'm serious, sometimes even deciding on a caption for my Instagram pictures takes me several drafts and the characteristic undue agony of a perfectionist. (By the way, I've come to sort of love Instagram, and I post snapshots there fairly often... I'm "froggoestomarket" if you care to follow along!)
So, I hope you'll allow me to keep this blog going sporadically, and share bits and pieces of my home and antiquing adventures when I can, even though it won't be every week or even every month. I've added links at the top of the blog so you can easily find me on Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook as well. And while I may not have as much to say on the blog, going forward I'd like to do better at responding to your kind words and questions in the comments section when I do post, so please feel free to write!
Thanks again for hanging around :)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pewter & Fall Foliage

Happy (almost) November! I have been the laziest blogger on the planet recently... If you've stuck around over the last 3 months, thank you! You deserve a medal. (I do not.) Apparently, blogging comes in spurts for me.
Overall, we've had a pretty low-key fall so far, punctuated by a brief moment of craziness... A huge tree branch fell on the roof of our house last month, which wouldn't have caused us too must angst (especially since we are renters), except for the fact that the branch landed squarely on the vent pipe on the roof. I have never really given much thought to what that little pipe that sticks out of the roof above the bathroom does, but I now know that if a tree lands on that little pipe, it will make your toilet tank explode. And crack the cast iron pipe that extends down into the basement. The broken pipe, in turn, will bust through the wall between your closet and the bathroom. And, until you have the presence of mind to turn off the water main, the broken toilet tank will flood your bathroom, drain down the laundry chute, and rain into your basement.  
In retrospect, it was really not quite as bad as it sounds... especially in light of the recent devestation caused on the east coast by Hurricane Sandy. But, it did lead to a couple weeks of mess and disorder while things were being repaired, which led to the house not really being "blog worthy" for a while. Luckily, things have long since returned to normal!
This morning, I went outside and foraged for some pretty fall foliage to display in my antique pewter pitcher. We don't have a lot to choose from in our yard (and I refrained from snipping the beautiful red berries off of our neighbors' crab apple tree), but it doesn't take much to add some festive fall color.
Happy Fall, everyone!
And I promise, it won't be another two months before I touch base again... well, probably not.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vote for Natalie!

Have you seen this contest from Martha Stewart Living?  It's the American Made Awards, and it's honoring creative small business owners. Very cool, right? Well, the nomination process is over, and the editorial staff at Martha Stewart Living has evaluated thousands of entries and picked 100 finalists that are in the running for the final spot, the Audience Choice pick. The winner will be featured in the MSL magazine, plus win a $10,000 prize! The voting is going on RIGHT NOW.
Do you have a dog in this fight? 
Well, YOU DO NOW!!
Please, help me VOTE for my sweet and talented cousin, Natalie Schlabach of NS Pottery.
Natalie is a potter. She makes beautiful pottery jewelry, plus wheel-thrown bowls, mugs, pitchers, and more. She lives in my much-loved little hometown of Hartville, Ohio.
We are all so excited for her!!!!!!!
CLICK HERE (or on either of the pictures above) to VOTE FOR NATALIE. When you get there, just look for the bright red VOTE button in the upper right. You can vote ONCE PER DAY until September 24th.
And most importantly of all, VOTE VOTE VOTE! Thanks so much!!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Antique French Linen Sheet

I finally found a lightwight summer replacement for the cozy down comforter that is usually folded at the foot of our bed. Seeing that is now mid-August, it was about time! We obviously weren't using the down comforter at night, but the bed looked so bare without it that I couldn't stand to take it away.

So when I spotted this gorgeous antique linen monogrammed sheet (seriously on sale!) from an Etsy seller in France, I thought that it might be a perfect option. And with that beautiful red monogram, how could I resist?

It fits right in with all my other red, white, and gray bed linens, and adds a charming French detail.

The sheet is made of two homespun linen panels that are seamed together in the center, and the "AA" monogram falls just off-center to avoid the seam. The sheet is about 70" wide, which is just about right for laying across our queen size bed.


And the placement of the monogram could not be more perfect for displaying at the foot of the bed, layered on top of the gray checked blanket and underneath the red and white antique quilt.


And the best part? The sheet arrived all the way from France about two weeks ago... on my birthday. Happy birthday to me!! 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New in the Shop

Just a few newly listed items that are for sale in the shop...

Antique Yellowware Bowl
Antique White Ironstone Platter

Vintage Green Glass Wine Jug

Tea Leaf Ironstone Teacup & Saucer
I bought an entire lot of antique Tea Leaf ironstone at an estate sale a couple weeks ago, so I have several pieces in the shop right now, and I'll continue to list more as I get them photographed. It's so beautiful! 

Large Tea Leaf Ironstone PitcherSmall Tea Leaf Ironstone Pitcher

Personalized French Stripe Towel - YELLOW
And I have a new color of the monogrammed kitchen towels - a golden mustard yellow. It's lighter and sunnier than the Dark Mustard color I already carry, so it's perfect for a cheerful country kitchen.

I'm off to pack up some more orders... Hope you're having a great week!

Friday, July 27, 2012

1000 Sales

I have reason to celebrate... Overnight, my little etsy shop hit the 1000 sales mark!  HORRAY!!! When I first started this venture a little over 2 years ago, shops with sales numbering in the thousands seemed like giants. No giant here... just a grateful girl, giving glory to God. 

To celebrate the milestone, I'm including a FREE full-size bar of handmade soap (your choice) with every order placed this weekend (Friday, July 27 - Sunday, July 29). No need to do anything special... just let me know when you checkout what kind of free soap you'd like :)

A huge "thank you" to everybody who's visited the shop and the blog over the last 2 years...
You guys are THE BEST!!!

Humbled and Blessed,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tales from a Nebraska Estate Sale

Let me begin by saying that estate sales are serious business. If you have never personally gathered with a hoard of "regulars" in the early morning hours before an estate sale begins, you may not believe it. But take it from me, these guys mean business. Yes, there are casual shoppers that show up at estate sales, too, but I can guarantee that they are often disappointed. Because the serious shoppers, the "regulars", have gotten there hours before the sale opens. They've gotten their number, secured their place at the front of the line, and then probably gathered for coffee at a McDonald's while you are still drooling on your down pillow, with visions of estate sale treasures dancing in your head.

I know this, because at my first few estate sales, I was puzzled as to why I kept finding myself at the end of a long line when I was showing up right on time. It turns out that "on time" for an esate sale just means you'll be the first one to get to pick through the leftovers. The antique dealers, serious collectors, and local estate sale junkies will have come and gone, taking the good stuff with them, before you even make it in the house. This I am still learning... I am not one the "regulars" at estate sales yet. But occassionally, when I find an ad for a local sale that looks good (and I can sweet-talk my hubby into giving up his one day to sleep in), we gird up our loins and join in the competitive treasure-hunting ritual of an estate sale. Such was the case this past Saturday.

It all started with a big beautiful ironstone pitcher. You all know how much I love ironstone, and I found a local sale advertised on Craigslist - with lots of pictures of the contents of the house - and lo and behold, I spotted a beautiful ironstone pitcher in one of the pictures. Score! I wanted that pitcher. The sale started Saturday at 9:00 am, so I set an alarm with plans to get there by 7:30. Well, we showed up closer to 8:00, and sure enough, we were handed numbers 56 and 57. Boo. Not great. Let's hope there are 55 people here who don't care about antique ironstone. With an hour to kill before the sale began, we ran down the street to McDonald's, just like the pros.

When we got back to the house, the crowd was beginning to form. Many of the eager shoppers knew each other, and were swapping stories of their recent finds and comparing numbers. I heard one of them mention that he had gotten there at about 5:50 that morning... and he had gotten number 11. (Note to self!) At a few minutes before 9:00, the front door of the house opened, and one of the ladies running the sale stepped out. Like sharks that smelled blood in the water, the crowd took a huge collective step forward. She began calling numbers, and the hardcore early birds were off and shopping. Hubby and I loitered at the back of the crowd, certain that we would have to wait. But, she kept calling numbers. She called all the way up to 50, paused, and then... miracle of miracles... she kept going! The first batch of people allowed in the house went up to number 60. We were in!

 With strict instructions to keep an eye out for that ironstone picture, hubby and I fanned out. I bounced in and out of the first few rooms rather frantically, until I saw it... The table beside the fireplace where the ironstone pitcher had been in the photo online. The empty table. Ack! A few steps more into the next room, and I spotted a happy lady... carrying my pitcher. Boo again. I had missed it! With a sigh of disappointment, I adjusted my focus and kept going. Through the crowd, into the little back bedroom with some folding tables full of trinkets. And then I spotted IT. On the floor, leaning against the leg of a table. No, not ironstone. Better than ironstone...

Way better... 

Something that I have always admired online, but have never seen in person...

Something that normally sells for way more than I'd ever be willing to spend...

Probably one of my favorite finds... ever.

The most amazing thick slab French style antique bread board.
At an estate sale in Lincoln, Nebraska, of all places.
For $20. Eeeeekkk!!!

Just look at that old wood!!!

LOOK AT IT!!!!!!

Needless to say, I left that estate sale a happy girl... even without a single piece of ironstone!

So hopefully this inspires you to roll out of bed a couple hours early on a Saturday... You never know what you might find!

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